Between the Sky and Sea Episode 12: Space Fishing I guess.


I’d originally planned to get this post up sooner, but have been delaying it for a couple of reasons. The more obvious one being time, between the 12 Days posts and Christmas/New Year I’ve just not had the time to get around to writing this one. The more significant reason though is that I’m honestly struggling to come up with anything to actually say about this episode. As a finale to 11 episodes of dithering around in circles it was honestly pretty functional. But functional isn’t great when I have zero investment in any of the characters. In a way the show seemed to agree with this to an extent, and the episode was something of an admission that nobody other than Haru and Namino was actually significant, quickly having everyone else retreat to the ship so the pair could tackle the big bad end boss fish on their own. In what I’m fairly sure was meant to be a Moment as the two finally managed to cooperate they dispatched said final boss fairly quickly; breaking through the tank’s ice shell and forcing it into space. This did at least lead into some unintentional comedy as Haru’s mech was swallowed up by the fish moments after getting into space. Presumably this was meant to be dramatic but the timing of the scene made it legitimately funny. Naturally she was fine and they got her out like 10 seconds later rendering the whole thing somewhat pointless, but at least I briefly felt an emotion about something in this episode.

After that there was a brief exposition dump which was extremely “play the mobage” with a dash of sequel hook (there’s no way this is getting a sequel) and then everyone went to the beach again, at least they got new, less overtly fetish pandering swimsuits this time, so that’s nice I guess. The end.

Honestly picking this show to blog was probably a mistake, I was never expecting it to be fantastic but the first episode was at least enjoyable in a janky sort of way. With that said I did enjoy writing these weekly posts even if the subject wasn’t the best, so I’ll be keeping up with the episodics going into next season. I’ve not pinned down my choice for what to actually write about though. The main criteria is I’d like to cover one of the less popular shows again, while Space Fishing wasn’t great it did at least manage that, I’d like to keep giving attention to series that don’t have several other, better bloggers writing about them. The first few shows of the season are already starting to filter out though so I’ll have to settle on something fairly soon once I start watching my maybe list.

Between the Sky and Sea Episode 12: Space Fishing I guess.

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