12 Days of Anime 2017, Day 6: Short Awards 2017


So this time last year I decided to change things up a little and use day 6 to highlight some of the shorts that stood out in 2016. Given I’ve made shorts my thing at this point, it makes sense to turn that into a yearly thing. Since I’m now posting about every short in the roundups I’ve decided to give awards to a few series that I feel stood out for specific reasons.

Gateway AwardTsuredure Children

tsure1.jpg With its solid visuals and endearing cast, Tsuredure Children is well suited to act as a gateway series. If you’re looking for a show to convince someone that lower runtime doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality, this is definitely a strong pick.

Hard Worker AwardNobunaga no Shinobi

shinobi62While it may have faltered on occasion, for the most part Nobunaga no Shinobi managed to maintain something a lot of series struggle with, consistency. It was reliably good for the majority of its run. Having a consistently solid long runner to fall back on in a year where a lot of the other shorts weren’t so great was definitely a blessing.

The “Most Likely To Be An Experimental Visual Hallucinogen” AwardOnyankopon

onyankopon16The sheer sensory overload of Onyankopon’s dance sequences leaves me fairly certain that the whole thing is some kind of secret mind alteration device undergoing testing. If I randomly end up joining some sort of cult in the next year, you know why.

Teekyu Award For Most Teekyu Show To Teekyu This YearTeekyu

teekyu27I didn’t even add this one to the list, it just appeared there by its own will, for none can oppose the will of Teekyu.

12 Days of Anime 2017, Day 6: Short Awards 2017

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